What the NFT?

Mutant Brewing is on a mission to create beer that appeals to bold senses and cool humans. You like apes? Good. You like NFT’s? Even better. Take a walk on the wild side and join the Mutant Brewing beer drinkers.

Mutant Serum - Hazy IPA

Mutant Serum IPA

Hoppy and hazy go hand-in-hand with this mutation on a classic style IPA.

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Stuntman Sour - Raspberry Sour Ale

Stuntman Sour Raspberry

So sour it’s sick, this beer packs a refreshing raspberry punch. 

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Boring Banana Bread - Banana Bread Ale

Boring Banana Bread

A nutty and mellow ale with a hint of banana flavor, this beer is anything BUT boring.

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Stuntman Sour - Blood Orange Sour Ale

Stuntman Sour
Blood Orange

A delightfully sour beer that bleeds with natural blood orange flavor.

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